Titan Skin Tightening – FAQs

What is Titan?
Titan is the ultimate non-surgical facelift without surgery, recovery time or injections. In our mid 30s our skin begins to drop and become looser. The folds between nose to mouth begin to deepen as a result. Our jawline becomes more square rather than oval, due to this. Titan is suitable for anyone concerned with ageing, whom wants to slow the descent of sagging skin.


How does Titan work?
Our collagen fibres loosen & stretch, as we get older, giving us loose, slack crepey skin. Titan emits infra-red light penetrating into the deep dermis of the skin; this heat shrinks collagen fibres, thus firming the skin, just like a woolly jumper shrinks from the heat of a tumble dryer.

Titan also stimulates collagen growth deep beneath the skin’s surface, reducing lines and giving a firmer more youthful appearance.


What areas respond best to treatment?
Titan is suitable for the face & neck. Popular areas include sides of the face & jaw line


How many treatments are needed?
The greater laxity in the skin, the more treatments are required
Typically clients need at least 4 treatments.


What intervals must I leave between treatments?
Treatments are usually a month apart


When will I see results?
Results are gradual over a three to six month period as new collagen is formed and the skin firms up.


How long do results last?
Results are permanent, however as we continue to age, Titan is recommended about a year later to combat skin loosening with age. How soon one ages is dependent on genetic, environmental & skincare regimes.


What do the treatments feel like?
With each Titan pulse, clients will feel a brief heating sensation.


Has the Titan been tested and approved?
Titan has been carefully studied in clinics around the world. It is cleared for the treatment of wrinkles in Europe.


What Skincare is recommended to prolong & enhance results?
Pure Vitamin C in the form of L ascorbic acid is necessary for collagen production. Our skin doesn’t have the ability to store vitamin C, so topically applied Vit C helps with collagen production, enhancing the results with Titan.

Powerful hydrating serums, containing Hyaluronic acid, is also recommended, as skin in good condition responds better to Titan. Lanu Medispa recommends Phytoceutical pharmaceutical grade skincare to enhance your Titan results.