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Permanent Hair Removal

Using Cutera Nd: YAG and Prowave pulsed light system for safe, fast effective permanent hair reductionpermanent-hair-removal.


PROWAVE – White skin 
PAY AS YOU GO (Prices below per session)
Female Prowave Prices:
Upper lip €35 Book Now
Lip & Chin €60 Book Now
Chin €40 Book Now
Chin & Sideburns €80 Book Now
Sideburns €40 Book Now
Beard area €80 Book Now
Under Arm €40 Book Now
Bikini (Standard) €60 Book Now
Bikini (Brazilian) €60 Book Now
Bikini (Hollywood) €60 Book Now
Lower legs €80 Book Now
Full leg inc. Bikini(Standard) €150 Book Now
Full legs exc. bikini line €130 Book Now
Upper back of thigh €60 Book Now
Areola / Nipple area €50 Book Now
Forearms €80 Book Now
Full Arms €100 Book Now
Abdomen €40 Book Now
Male Prowave Prices:
Full Back including Shoulders €150 Book Now
Chest & Abdomen (Including shoulders) €150 Book Now
Chest & Shoulders €130 Book Now
Shoulders €80 Book Now
1/2 Back €75 Book Now
Chest & Abdomen (excl. shoulders) €100
Full Back excl. Shoulders €100
Chest  €80 Book Now
 Abdomen €100
 Full Back , Chest , Shoulders  €250

We use the Cutera laser system, which is one of the top systems in the world , to offer you safe , comfortable and predictable results. Our Cutera laser system has been featured by Sharon Gilmartin on  both  TV3’s Ireland am & Xpose in the past.

We offer two types of laser hair removal systems . Prowave Infra red pulsed light system as well as the Nd YAG laser system.
ProWave Aftercare

Prowave Laser

The ProWave hair removal system delivers an infra red light source for fast, safe and effective permanent hair reduction. Cutera’s Prowave provides treatment for a wide range of skin types.

Coolglide Nd YAG Laser  (Skin Types : Dark /black skin ) 

What is the difference with the Cutera Nd:YAG Laser for hair removal & other Nd:YAG laser systems?

The Cutera Nd:YAG laser system is high powered which means it can treat challenging hair types i.e.fine hairs better than other systems and it is more effective at permanent long term results compared to other systems. For example The Cutera Nd YAG laser has a treatment spot size of 10mm, with which it can reach a maximum of 60 Joules of energy per cm² whilst using a very short heating time of a 10 millisecond pulse width. This requires 4,700 watts of power! Other 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers are limited in power i.e. some only have 600 watts.

Laser- Dark /Black skin – Nd YAG Laser
  PAY AS YOU GO –  (Prices below per session)
Upper Lip €45 Book Now
Lip & Chin €80 Book Now
Chin €52
 Neck & chin  €78
Lip, Chin, Beard area €105 Book Now
Sideburns  €52
 Centre of Brows  €45
Bikini Line standard €80 Book Now
Bikini Line Brazilian      (Strip) €95 Book Now
Bikini Line Hollywood (All off) €120 Book Now
Naval Pubic Line €65
 Upper legs excl. Bikini Line €130
 Upper legs incl. Bikini Line €195
back of Upper leg  €78
Knuckles  €65
Front of Thigh  €78
 Areola / Nipple area  €65
 Forearms  €105
 Full Arms  €130
 Abdomen (female)  €65
 Underarms  €52  Book Now
 Between Chest  €52
 Full Legs excluding Bikini Line  €225  Book Now
 Full Legs including Bikini line standard  €260  Book Now
 Lower Legs  €105  Book Now

Free Laser Hair removal patch test








Exceptional comfort. Faster & more powerful than any other epilator! The worlds- exclusive design of Apilus xCel uses the ultra -rapid 27.12 MHz frequency to permanently destroy all hair types . Because its power is greater and its frequency is up to 6 times faster than any other epilator , the Apilus xCell optimises energy concentration in the hair follicle and obtains faster results. Suitable for red, blonde and grey hair on men and women. Typical treatment areas include: FEMALE: Upper lip, chin, neck, sides of face, eyebrows, underarms, bikini line. MALE: Upper beard, Upper cheek, Chest, Neck.

Apilus Xcel Pur (Current 27.12 Mhz)
5 mins €20 Book Now
10 mins €25 Book Now
15 mins €38 Book Now
20 mins €50 Book Now
25 mins €60 Book Now
30 mins €70 Book Now
35 mins €80 Book Now
40 mins €93 Book Now
45 mins €105 Book Now
50 mins €115 Book Now
55 mins €125 Book Now
60 mins €135 Book Now




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