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Permanent Hair Removal for: Blonde, Grey & Red Hairs

Exceptional comfort. Faster & more powerful than any other epilator! The worlds- exclusive design of Apilus xCel uses the ultra -rapid 27.12 MHz frequency to permanently destroy all hair types . Because its power is greater and its frequency is up to 6 times faster than any other epilator , the Apilus xCell optimises energy concentration in the hair follicle and obtains faster results. Suitable for red, blonde and grey hair on men and women. Typical treatment areas include: FEMALE: Upper lip, chin, neck, sides of face, eyebrows, underarms, bikini line. MALE: Upper beard, Upper cheek, Chest, Neck.


Apilus Xcel Pur (Current 27.12 Mhz)
5 mins €20 Book Now
10 mins €30 Book Now
15 mins €35 Book Now
20 mins €40 Book Now
25 mins €45 Book Now
30 mins €47 Book Now
35 mins €50 Book Now
40 mins €55 Book Now
45 mins €60 Book Now
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Skin Tag Removal
Skin tags are usually harmless growths of loose skin found commonly on the neck & underarms.

Skin Tag Removal: 20 mins €50 Book Now
Skin Tag Removal : 40 mins €70 Book Now


Milia Removal
Milia are non-infected whiteheads, also known as a closed comedone , that can be removed by lancing them to release the blocked pore. They are commonly found around the eyes.

€30 Book Now

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