Rosacea & Facial Redness

Rosacea is a progressive inflammatory disorder of the vein system. Its early stages begin with facial redness, ocassional stinging, and as it develops further inflamed pimples appear. It usually begins on the cheeks, spreading to the nose. It can sometimes spread to the chin and some areas of the forehead.
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Rosacea Treatments

Laser Genesis
Laser Genesis uses a long wavelength of light energy to absorb into the tiny damaged veins, coagulating them, improving Rosacea. Laser Genesis absorbs into the broken


veins and coagulates the vein. This greatly reduces the redness and improves Rosacea. Laser Genesis reduces open pores, smoothes uneven skin texture and refines fine lines to give you a more youthful appearance. 3 monthly treatments normally recommended.

Laser Genesis Aftercare



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Limelight uses a short wavelength of light energy to absorb into superficial broken veins, which improves Rosacea.

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