Titan Skin Tightening Aftercare

  • Titan firms up the skin & also stimulates collagen production, so gives a younger looking skin.
  • Titan is suitable for full face or partial face or neck areas.
  • Collagen production takes 6-8 weeks to be produced, so results are gradual. Results should not usually be expected sooner than this.
  • 4 Titan treatments are normally recommended about a month apart.
  • Using skincare with pharmaceutical grade ingredients i.e. Phytoceuticals helps build collagen, for optimum results.
  • Suggested products that aid with results are outlined below.
    Phytoceuticals Skincare Anti-Age Regime



  • Soothing Cleanser & Balancing Toner (Exfoliating, healing, soothing cleanser, suitable for eye area)
  • Supreme Serum (antioxidant, anti-age, brightening)
  • Velvet Gel (Repairs the skin cell and Hydrates )
  • SPF 20


  • Soothing Cleanser & Balancing Toner
  • Velvet Gel
  • Olive Gel
  • Skin Firming Cream
  • EYES AM & PM


Eye Return Gel (Vit C: Anti-oxidant, anti-ageing. brightening / Hyaluronic acid: Very hydrating / Peptides: enhanced anti-age)
Eye Firming Cream