NLite Rejuvenation FAQ

What is NLite and how does it work to reduce wrinkles?
The NLite is a pulsed-dye laser that uses very low power laser energy to ‘insult’ the fine blood vessels beneath the skin. These vessels, although not actually damaged, are tricked into behaving as if they were. Chemical signals are released that cause the body’s own repair and regeneration mechanism to begin a healing process, laying down new collagen in the treated area. The result is that, over time, lines and wrinkles reduce in depth and in the case of fine lines can disappear completely.


Is there any downtime with NLite?
NLite, uses very low energy, which working beneath the skin surface. The skin surface is not breached in any way there is an absolute minimum of unwanted side effects. NLite is a genuine lunch-hour treatment and no recovery period is required afterwards.


What side effects can be caused?
Usually none at all. Some people, especially those with very sensitive skin, may get a histamine response. If your skin does respond in this way, small bumps like tiny hives may appear; they may be slightly red and they may itch but will settle down on their own within a few hours.Some people find the skin surface flushes slightly after treatment. At the very worst, small red spots called purpura can appear, but these will settle down within a few days.


How quickly will I see any results?
Because collagen is laid down slowly, there is no immediate effect. While this may seem like a disappointment, the gradual nature of the response is a blessing in disguise. Instead of having an obvious cosmetic change, your skin condition will slowly improve over time. NLite clients tell us that people start telling them how well they look, without being able to lay a finger on precisely why. We have a number of clients who have NLite treatments precisely because there is no obvious change immediately after treatment. This is a huge bonus to film and television presenters as there is no obvious change on a day-to-day basis.


How many treatments are required to achieve a result?
Your first treatment should be followed by treatment two at two weeks. Research has showed that two treatments, two weeks apart dramatically increase the quantity of collagen measured throughout the course of treatment. Treatment three is usually carried out at one month later. Treatment four is a month later again. Further treatment is then only required when you feel the need for a collagen boost.
A course of 3-4 treatments will usually produce a noticeable effect, especially around the eyes, although the result will vary from person to person. In general, the younger the skin and the better the blood supply, the better the result. Skin age is not the same as actual age; genetic inheritance and external factors, such as smoking and UV sun damage cause skin to age at different rates for different people and no two results will be exactly the same. Whatever, the follow up regime recommended, the treatment pattern is tailored to the individual. We may also recommend other treatments, such as an skin peel , aimed at removing dead skin cells prior to NLite treatment. Younger skin may need less frequent top-ups but some clients are choosing a treatment regime involving regular monthly top-ups.


How will I know which interval is best for me?
Before any treatment can be given, a full consultation will be carried out. The information gathered here, in combination with monitored treatment results, will be used to work out a treatment regime tailored to suit your individual needs.


Can the NLite be used for anything other than lines and wrinkles?
Yes. One can use the NLite successfully to treat sunken scars, some stretch marks, active acne, acne scarring, acne rosacea. Because of the quite remarkable effect that the NLite has on the whole healing process, we believe that new treatments will evolve as more experience of the laser is gained.


It all sounds too good to be true; does it really work?
In clinical trials a reduction of up to 69% in the wrinkle depth was achieved, with an average reduction of 58%. The NLite is not a miracle cure for wrinkles; there is no such thing and expectations have to be in line with what is achievable.


Is the treatment safe?
Yes. Lasers have been used in medicine for over 30 years and time has proven their safety. The Nlite is a variation of a technology that has been used daily throughout the world for more than 20 years at much higher powers than we use. Low power and extensive clinical trials, plus 10 years of laser experience at this clinic have resulted in a safe technique with almost zero side effects.