NLite Acne Treatment Aftercare

  • No heat treatments permitted for 48hrs afterwards (sauna, steam room, sun bed, hot shower’s etc)
  • No make up application permitted for 48hrs after laser, except mineral make up.
  • In some cases the acne condition may get worse before it gets better.
  • The amount of treatments required is individual.
  • To help prevent acne from coming back , it is imperative to continue using some skincare which has the exfoliating ingredient Salicylic Acid in it daily .This also helps maintain your results.
  • A daily sunscreen SPF 20 is recommended throughout your treatment duration
  • A course of professional skin peels help with results. For instance chemical peels like the  Alumier Radiant 20/10 peel or a mechanical skin peel, known as Microdermabrasion peels assist with deep cleansing the pores and help with your Nlite results.
  • There is a high success rate with Nlite laser. it is comfortable and a safe alternative to antibiotics.