LimeLight Pulsed Light FAQ

Limelight™ is a form of photo rejuvenation, which can dramatically reduce facial redness, superficial
broken veins and Rosacea. This is done very effectively and is a relatively comfortable procedure.


How does it work?
It is a non-invasive treatment which uses broad spectrum light to coagulate superficial broken veins. The lymphatic system eliminates the broken down waste product afterwards, which can take a couple of weeks. Improvement can often be seen a month after only one treatment.


What contributes to Facial Redness sun damage?
Genetics, sun exposure, exposure to the elements and many other factors contribute to facial redness. As we get older vein walls weaken and are more prone to damage.


What parts of the body are suitable?
Virtually any part of your body with high colour and redness can be safely treated. The face, chest, arms and legs can be treated.


Is there any downtime with Limelight treatments?
Limelight is ideal for those with active lifestyles because the procedure requires no downtime & can be done during a lunch break.


What is the Limelight Photofacial?
It is a non-invasive approach to treating superficial broken veins. It also improves skin tone , fades brown pigmentation/sun spots as well as reduces redness.  Limelight heats the unwanted broken veins causing a therapeutic effect.


What do treatments feel like?
When the pulse of light is delivered, you will experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation. Ultra sound gel is used to both cool your  skin and help the transmission of light into your skin . Anaesthesia or pain medicine is typically not required.


How long will the treatments take?
Treatment time depends on the area of the body being treated. However, most treatments should take less than 30 minutes.


How many treatments will I need?
Usually three treatments are usually sufficient to see results. Additional treatments may be required by some clients.


What happens after the treatment?
Immediately following treatment your skin, a cold pack may be applied to cool off your skin. Your skin may appear slightly red. The treated area may be mildly swollen, which can last up to three days. Mineral Make-up may be applied immediately after if desired to conceal the redness.


When will I see results?
After 3-4 weeks, the facial redness will decrease. After usually 3-4 treatments most of the facial redness should be greatly reduced.


Will the facial redness reappear over time?
The facial redness that Limelight removes will be permanently removed, but that doesn’t mean that you may  develop new broken veins and capillaries over time again in the future. These new broken veins can be treated with Limelight to remove them.


What considerations are there when having Limelight?
Clients must not have had sun exposure for at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment. There must be no active or fresh active tan on the face. You must inform us of your medical history and any medications that you are on, as some medications can increase your photosensitivity to laser and IPL light . Daily Sunscreen must be worn for at least 6 weeks after the treatment. Clients are required to arrive to the clinic without make up on to assess suitability for the treatment. A patch test is essential prior to treatment.