Laser Genesis FAQs

What does laser rejuvenation do?
Reduces fine lines, tightens open pores, and plumps superficial acne pockmarks, giving you younger fresher looking skin.


How does the laser work?
The laser bulk heats the upper dermis layer of skin which stimulates a repair mechanism, which triggers collagen production. This then slows the aging process giving you smoother younger looking skin.


How many treatments are necessary?
Usually 6 treatments are required taken at intervals of every 2-4 weeks.


Are there any pre-treatments that assist with results?
A microdermabrasion peel prior to each laser treatment assists with results, as it allows the laser light to penetrate through the skin more easily, while also stimulating the production of new skin cells. This is ideally performed immediately before you have your laser treatment.


What age group is this best for?
Age Group 30’s upwards, as it treats the fine lines only & not the deep wrinkles.


Is it painful?
It is a fairly comfortable treatment, however the more heat we can build up in the skin, the greater the results.


Are there any side effects?
The skin will be gently flushed for a short period after, due to the heating of the upper layers.


What aftercare is necessary?

  • Daily sunscreen SPF 30
  • Daily topical Vitamin C Serum required for collagen growth.