Laser Genesis Aftercare

  • No Heat treatments are permitted for 48 hours after (i.e.Sauna, steam room, hot showers & bathes, swimming)
  • No make up application for 24hrs, with the exception of mineral make up, which is chemical, & fragrance free make up & which can be applied immediately after
  • No application of perfumed products for 48 hrs after.
  • SPF 25 recommended daily for one month after on areas exposed to sunlight, as you may be photosensitive for up to one month after treatment & therefore prone to uneven pigmentation/tanning.
  • Tanning the skin is not advised between treatments. The skin needs to be as pale as possible for optimum results
  • Aloe Vera gel may be applied to sooth skin if necessary afterwards.
  • For men: Please arrive with your face closely shaved, as the laser will singe the hairs


It is very important to minimise the triggers of Rosacea, in order to prevent future flare-ups, as there is no cure for Rosacea.

Triggers include saunas, steam rooms, sun bathing, hot spicy foods, alcohol, cola (aspartame & nutrasweet), caffeine, spicy food, hot soups, chocolate, tomatoes, citrus fruits & histamine producing foods will trigger flare ups. Heavy meals will cause flushing as the body tries to digest the meal. Eating regular small meals is advised, Stress & fatigue, smoking, do gentle exercise instead of vigorous exercise,



Oil based products and make up. Use water based or oil free foundation, but mineral make up is best as it is pure. Oil retains heat in the skin & can contribute to a flare up.