Glycolic Peels Aftercare

Before your Glycolic Peel

Sensitive clients may use products containing Glycolic ingredients for 1- 2 weeks prior to a peel to prep the skin in advance of your professional peel. Avoid using Glycolic products for at least 12 hours prior to your peel. Discontinue use of the drug retinoid (Retin A) topical acne medication for 24hrs prior.


Women: Avoid waxing, electrolysis or other methods of depilatories for 48 hrs
Men: Do not shave immediately before a facial peel.


  • Avoid using Glycolic products on the day of your peel. Wait 24 hours before resuming their use.
  • No sweating for 24 hours i.e. gym workouts etc, because it can sweat the glycolic out of the skin, which can cause irritation.
  • Glycolic peels draw impurities out of the skin, so a breakout is a good sign of the skin clearing itself out.
  • Use of glycolic products, throughout the course of peels, to keep skin acclimatised to the product & also increases effectiveness of the peels.
  • Continued use of glycolic products is recommended to maintain your results.
  • Make up application is not permitted for 24 hours after a peel, however a mineral based make up is acceptable immediately afterwards as it wont clog your pores or irritate skin.
  • A daily mineral sunscreen SPF 20 + is absolutely essential, as glycolic peels away the top protective layer of dead skin cells, which protect skin from the suns damaging rays.
  • Do not use your Glycolic product, for 12 hours after your salon peel.
    Maintenance Peels are recommended every 4 weeks. You must make sure you are using glycolic homecare before you can have a maintenance peel.
  • Be prepared to see & feel changes to the skin– do not be alarmed, sometimes the skin looks & feels worse (dry, tight, & peeling) before improvements occur. The complete course of 6 peels must be completed for full benefit.
  • Consult the clinic if you have any worries or concerns about your skin during the treatment. Different people will experience changes to the skin
  • Do not peel flaky skin or squeeze any spots that may appear.


You may experience:

  • A slight tingling sensation after applying a glycolic product. It lasts a few minutes
  • A slight dryness of the skin for the first few weeks. This is actually an invisible peeling process & is a way in which the glycolic has a beneficial effect on the skin. This can be easily managed with a hydrating serum.