Cellactor Cellulite Treatment FAQs

Over 85% of women suffer from cellulite. There are 2 main causes of cellulite. The hardening of the fibres between the fat cells, known as connective tissue, & the protrusion of fat cells into the lower skin layer, called the dermis. Cellactor treats both these causes of cellulite, so therefore gives fast effective results.


What is Cellactor?
Shock wave therapy is used medically for breaking up kidney stones & can now be used cosmetically to break up cellulite & tone the body. Shock wave therapy has been used medically o relieve pain such as tennis elbow & muscular disorders.


How does it work?
Shock waves work by promoting cell division. It stimulates biochemical reaction in skin. Shock waves correct & strengthen the fibres between fat cells which smooth’s lumpy cellulite. Skin quality improves giving firmer toned skin.


What does the treatment involve?
A combination of two treatment hand pieces is used:

1. The C- Actor hand piece is massaged over the treatment area, which emits planar pressure waves & breaks up fat, & firms the skin. No discomfort is felt at all.

2. The D-Actor hand piece is massaged over the area, which emits radial pressure waves that activate the skin and connective tissue at high shock frequencies which smooths out cellulite, tones up muscle, improving skin quality.


How many sessions required?
Approximately 10 sessions, twice weekly.


How often are maintenance session’s required?
Maintenance treatments consist of one treatment per month to maintain results.


Does it hurt?
No the client feels gentle pressure, pummelling on the skin, but it is quite relaxing.


How long does a Cellactor treatment take?
Treatment time is 1hour 15mins for 6 areas & 1 hour 30mins for 8 areas.


What homecare advice must a client observe during treatment?
Drink 2 litres of water daily, increase exercise to burn up the broken down cellulite & reduce intake of processed foods.


What trials were done to evaluate its effectiveness?
Sharon carried out her own trials for about 5 months on Cellactor before investing in the system.


Why is Cellactor unique?
No other system has a “cellular effect”; it affects fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue as well as muscles. The pressure waves penetrate an inch deep into the tissue, which has a beneficial affect on fat, muscle & skin


Tell me about the clinical trials..
Dr Christ (Pronounced Krest) conducted two studies in a renowned plastic surgery clinic in Switzerland with 120 women.


  • Skin tightening improved by up to 110% (A pressure sensor measured skin elasticity & demonstrated this improvement)
  • Average inch loss was 3 inches, without any changes in diet or exercise.
  • Cellulite reduction was over 50% improvement.


Is there proof that Cellactor works?
Cellactor has been independently proven to work, as it has undergone independent clinical trials.

Ultrasound pictures taken of the skin, confirm thickening of the skins dermis immediately after even one session, proving Cellactor’s effectiveness.


How many of these systems are there worldwide?
There are about 40 cellactor systems in Europe & about 30 in the United States, so far, as this is very new technology.