NLite Laser Treatment

NLite, a revolutionary non-surgical laser treatment, has been making huge waves in the world of beauty for the treatment of acne.NLite-acne-laser

Dr Tony Chu, Consultant Dermatologist and Patron of the Acne Support Group in London, has conducted a phase II double blind clinical trial, using Nlite on, patients that have active acne. Dr Chu is impressed with the results. He quoted in the Lancet medical journal, that “Nlite is the greatest breakthrough in the treatment of acne to date.”

Unlike existing methods, NLite is pain-free, has minimal side effects and is convenient -treatments can take as little as 30 minutes -so it’s easy to fit into your lunch hour.

NLite is administered by a trained Laser Technician, who uses a type of light pen to direct the energy to the affected area. After the session is completed, the treated area may be slightly red, but no after-care is necessary and there is minimal disruption to your daily routine. Also, unlike other treatments, you can go out in the sun immediately afterwards.